We highlight 10 key benefits


  1. A compact, modular and lightweight solution. Ergonomics and economics. SkinWhiteBoard® can be assembled by one person whatever its final form may be.
  2. Lack of outside structural elements. It is the only modular whiteboard in the market that allows compositions from standard sizes to whole murals.
  3. A single reference. With SkinWhiteBoard® we can get any measure from 80 cm to any length, height and position.
  4. Perfect finishes. Magnetic. Steel sheet made (0.7mm). It is the strongest whiteboard in the market.
  5. With a total thickness of 10mm, it is the thinnest and most compact in the market. It includes a strong tray for pens and notebook accessories.
  6. Unbreakable, built in one piece, without plastic corners, fragile aluminium frames and breakable assembly components.
  7. Interior carton in order to reduce the noise.
  8. Lacquered in white or black as standard, it can be customized by screen printing or solvent type digital printing (eco-printing).
  9. Its compact design and special packaging system reduces by 100% incidences and refunds for transport or installation. It is stackable and has the individual Euro-pallet format.
  10. SkinWhiteBoard® is the most economical solution in the market for its savings in transportation costs, storage and installation resources.

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